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Dear respective users, welcome to register on More Cool website.  Please read carefully on the following terms of service:

This service agreement parties are within this website and the website users. This agreement has the contractual potency.


By accepting this agreement, this agreement is a legal binding contract between you and More Cool Website. Please be ensure to read carefully and understand all of the service agreement before the registration. If you have any questions concerning to the Term of Service or the Agreement, please contact our Customer Service accordingly.


By clicking on the “Register” button and successfully registering at More Cool website, you will be deemed to agree to all the terms of this agreement and other rules, instructions and operating instructions published by More Cool.


1.  Confirmation and Acceptance of More Cool Terms and Conditions

      The ownership and the operation right of services are owned by More Cool.


2.  The Users shall:

  (i) Provide necessary devices, including a set of PC, a modem and network accessing devices.

  (ii) Access network and pay telephone bill associated with the services.


3.  You shall not use More Cool service to publish the following illegal information:

(i)        Information that against the basic principle of regulation.

(ii)      Information that commit any of following acts of endangers national security, disclosure country secrets, subvert the political power of the state, and destroy national unification.

(iii)    Information that damage the honor or the reputation and benefit of the state.

(iv)     Information that instigates ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, and undermines ethnic unity.

(v)       Information that undermines state religious policies, advocates cult and feudal superstitions.

(vi)     Information that spreads rumors, disturbs social order, and undermines social stability.

(vii)   Information that observe pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and instigation to commit crimes against humanity.

(viii) Information that deliberately humiliates others or fabricates facts to slander others, and infringes upon others' lawful rights and interests.

(ix)     Other activities violating constitutional, law, or country administrative regulations.


4    Personal information

User agree:

(i)      Information submit to More Cool is the latest/newest, detailed, true and accurate.

(ii)    To receive information from More Cool platform.

(iii)  To maintain and promptly update your registration information to keep it true, accurate, complete and up to date. All of the data will be reference for registration information.   


We will not disclose user's name, address, e-mail and pseudonym, with the following exceptions:

a)       User authorized this site to disclose this information.

b)       The corresponding legal requirements and procedures require More Cool to provide user information.

More Cool reserves the right to terminate the user's membership if inaccurate personal information is provided.


5.   User should choose a stable and safe email address for registration. By joining More Cool, you acknowledge and agree to receive and read all kinds of email sent by More Cool platform. If user does not receive email in time or there is an issue with your incoming mail server or email reader personal issue that cause you unable to receive or read the mail, as long as More Cool has successfully sent email, it should be considered that the user has received the relevant email. The delivery time of email recorded on the email server is considered as the user received time.


6.  Modification of Terms and Conditions

More Cool has the right to modify service terms and conditions when necessary. If there is any modify or changes in terms and conditions, it will be noticed in the important page. If do not agree to the relevant changes, they could cancel of getting More Cool information. If the user continues to use More Cool services, it would be treated as user have accepted the revised service agreement and rules. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time with or without notice to the user. We will not be liable to user or any third party should we exercise our right to modify the service.


7. Users Privacy

Respecting user’s privacy is one of the principal policies of More Cool platform. Therefore, we will not publish, edit or disclose user’s information without user permission unless legal requirements or the following circumstances that More Cool platform has to release the information based on below conditions:


(1)     such information shall be disclosed by the company in accordance with laws, regulation or legal provisions and the company’s legal service procedures.

(2)      in order to protect  More Cool’s ownership of Business Trademark.

(3)     such information shall be disclosed under emergency circumstances in order to protect the rights of members and the public.

(4)     comply with other related requirements.


We reserve the right to publish member’s population analysis information.


8.Security of User Account and Password

Once you successfully register as a member of More Cool Platform, you will be assigned with an account ID and password. You must well protect your account and password. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the safety of your own account and password, and will assume full responsibility for any activity or events which occur from within the account. You may change your password at any time, or close your account and register a new one. All associated liabilities shall be borne by user upon receiving the account ID and password. If there is any illegal use of a member account or a loophole in security, the user shall inform More Cool platform immediately.



9. Refuse to Provide Guarantee

The users clearly agree that they shall personally assume risks associated. More Cool does not guarantee that services will not be interrupted, suspended, safety and mistake is not guaranteed. However, we will serve within the ability to avoid mistakes.


10.Limited Responsibility
More Cool is not responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, particular and ensuing damage arising from: inappropriate use of network membership services, illegal use of services or the information sent by the user that does not meet the legal requirements. Such damage may leads to affect More Cool platform’s image, we have put forward the possibility of such damage in advance and will doing best to prevent the occurrence[T1] .


11.Storage and Limitation of Information

More cool reserves the right to terminate the user account if More Cool deems in its own discretion that the user's behavior does not comply with the Terms of Use of More Cool service or the user violates the regulations of the service clause.



12. User Management

Users must comply with the following rules:

a)       Using More Cool platform and it services and must not be used for illegal purposes.

b)       Interference or disturbance to the network service is prohibited

c)       User must comply with all the network agreements, regulations and procedures regarding to More Cool’s services. The user's code of conduct is based on Internet laws, policies, procedures and practices.



The users agree to safeguard and maintain the interests of all members of More Cool platform, and need to pay attorney fee caused by the use of services beyond the service scope by the user, damage compensation for the violation of service terms and conditions and the recourse fee for other person due to using the user’s computer, account and other intellectual property rights.


14.Termination of Service

The user or More Cool may at any time terminate one or more than one type of services provided. More Cool shall not be held responsible for any individual or third party liability due to terminating service at any time. If the user disagree to any service clause, objects to any modified terms, or is dissatisfied with the More Cool membership service, he/she shall take the following procedures:

(1)   Do not continue to use More Cool platform service.

(2)  Inform More Cool to terminate the service to such user.
At the time of termination of membership services, the user's rights of using More Cool platform will also be terminated, after which, More Cool have no obligation to send the unfinished information or services information to user or third party.


15. Notification

All notices sent to the user may be transmitted by announcement on website or email or conventional mail. All service terms and conditions, changes of services and other important announcements also will be operated per above manner.


16.Ownership of Contents

Contents defined in platform includes text, software, sound, photos, video and graphics; all contents in the ads; other information provided by the More Cool. All these contents are protected by laws on copyrights, the ownership of the trademark, labels and other properties. Therefore, the users can only use such contents upon the authorization of More Cool and the ads vendors and shall not privately copy and reproduce such contents or create derivative products related to these contents.




More Cool service term and condition shall be consistent with the People's Republic of China (national) law. The users and More Cool platform shall be consistent agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the High Court. If any provision of any of More Cool's Terms of Use is in conflict with the law, the provision shall be interpreted as closely as possible to its original meaning as far as allowed by law, and other provisions shall fully retain their legal force and effect on users.

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